Day #1 - The Vision & Your ClickFunnels Onboarding
Welcome To 'Ignite Your Funnel'!
Over the next 21 days I'm going to be sending you a video each day that will walk you through the simple steps you need to follow to launch your first funnel inside of ClickFunnels.   

We normally sell this training program for $197 - but you're getting it free because I KNOW that if you implement this training, and do the assignments each day, then in less than 3 weeks from now you'll have a fully functioning sales funnel... a HUGE win for you.

And if you have an active sales funnel that's making YOU money, then you'll probably become a ClickFunnels superfan, which is a HUGE win for us!

So, it's a WIN / WIN...

Are you ready to ignite your funnel?

Finish watching the video and complete your day 1 task below!
Complete Assignment #1 below and win your FREE FunnelHacker T-Shirt! 
Assignment #1 - Watch The On-Boarding Videos And Win A FREE T-Shirt!
Homework / Assignments
Start Here:
The Homework for today is very simple, it will take about 12~15 minutes of your time. 

Simply watch each of the onboarding videos explaining How to create a funnel, Editing page and Autoresponder Service, and lastly, Funnel Hacking Mastery.

If anything is confusing to you or simply doesn't make sense, be sure to reach out to support! We're more than happy to answer any and all questions you may have:
Step #1 is...  Login To Your ClickFunnels Account!
Once you're logged in, click here:
And the last step is: Watch the on-boarding videos and let us know where to ship your FREE t-shirt! 

Much of the information should be straight forward, but please do not hesitate to reach out to support
Need Extra Help?  Try One Of These Options:
Schedule A LIVE Demo Now:
Watch 'Funnel Hacks' Webinar:
Learn How To Get Certified:
Extra Resources
Another great place to start when you might not have a great picture of how powerful ClickFunnels can be would be the official ClickFunnels Blog.
You can find the blog at or click below:

Funnel Hacking Mastery

The Ultimate Marketer's Blueprint To Funnel Hacking...
Ultimate Marketer's Blueprint To Funnel Hacking

The 5 Biggest Sales Funnel Blunders Made By Internet Marketers

Find out the top 5 mistakes made by the professionals...
Refer Others And Get Paid!
Refer 3 people and your ClickFunnels account becomes free!  Refer more and get paid!  Refer 100, we'll cover the lease on your dream car!
For more information about the ClickFunnels affiliate program and to learn how you can get paid for sharing ClickFunnels with others, click on the link below:
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